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Company service flow

 1. Student counseling and consulting


  • Understand student’s needs and requirements

  • Provide options of suitable schools and courses

  • Overseas extra-curricular activities and tuition fee consultation

  • Career planning and discussion


 2. Apply for school

 3. Apply for a student visa

  • Provide client with guidance for their Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) statement


 4. Arrange accommodation and

    guardian service


5. Continuous service support

  • Parent and student follow-up (as required)

  • Discuss options for students to enter a higher education

  • College Admissions Consultation

6. Overseas Study Tours

  • Academic Tour

  • Sports Study Tour

  • Art Study Tour


7. Personal service

  • Free practice interview services for students provided by native English-speaking foreign tutors

  • Information about overseas banks and communications etc.

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