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Service Process

 1. Conduct professional interviews to obtain preliminary

     understanding of student needs and requirements.


  2. Register for the relevant English test

  • middle school AEAS / IELTS, university IELTS    

  • Receive the report in about 2 weeks

  • (depends on the student application group)

 3. Our Native English speaking staff will provide students

     with practice interview service and help understand the

     desired school characteristics with the students.

 4. Choose your favorite school, identify 3 of your desired schools.

 5. Students provide school application documents:

  • Transcripts of the last two years

  • Certificates and certificates for any extracurricular activities

  • Passport ID / ID card

  • AEAS / IELTS results (depending on the student application group)

6. Submit the application fee and application form.

      At the same time, students are to prepare a personal statement for the

      ‘Genuine Temporary Entrant’ (GTE) requirement of the student visa.


7. Arrange for an online interview with the school pending the

     school's preliminary assessment.

8. Obtain the Certificate of Enrollment (COE)

  • Accept the offer and pay the reservation fee before the deadline.

9. Purchase Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

     Students can choose to buy by themselves or purchase through the school.


10. Preparation and application of student visa documents

  • During the application period, the Immigration Bureau may ask the applicant to provide more information or additional documents.

  • For example, a physical examination and or biometric information.

 11. Obtain a student visa

  •  Obtain visa number and visa expiry date.


 12. Prepare for departure:

  • Book a ticket

  • Arrange accommodation

  • Arrange airport transfers

  • Interview with the consultant again to help prepare the students.


*The above procedure may vary depending on the individual student’s situation. The above information is for reference only.*

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